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Top 30 Best Fitness Blogs to Be Following in 2017

Our top blog lists are always a big hit on Wealthy Gorilla, so here we are again in 2017 with updated lists to give you!

As a big lover of fitness and working out, I follow a lot of great fitness blogs;

So, you know the drill. Just like we’ve done previously with the best blogs for entrepreneurs, bloggers and motivation, we’ve compiled a list of all the top fitness blogs to be following in 2017.

If you haven’t already checked out the other lists I’ve just mentioned above, I’ll leave a link to each of them at the bottom of this article so you can check them out later. For now, however, let’s get into some of the greatest fitness content on the web.

In this list I’ve named the 30 best fitness blogs, in my own opinion of course, and given the name of their founder and a little bit about them. The list also covers a complete range of styles such as bodybuilding, weight training, female fitness, running, calisthenics, you name it.


Before I start dropping names, I’ve decided to leave a few of the major blog names out of the top 40 to allow room for the slightly lesser known sites to get a well deserved shout out.

But, just in case you haven’t already heard of these big names, here’s what I left out:


Founded by Steve Shaw – Muscle & Brawn contains a lot of excellent advice on power-lifting and bodybuilding. If this is your desired area of fitness, definitely check out M&B. Steve gives solid, real advice.

Founded by Scooby Werkstatt – Scooby’s an old school bodybuilder, and provides exactly that; solid, old school bodybuilding advice. Just a quick look at his bio shows that his body has only improved with age. He’s now 54 years old and looking better than when he was 23!

Founded by Brandon Carter – This is a blog I’ve been following for quite a long time. Brandon is a fitness model and let’s be honest guys, why wouldn’t you want a body like this? Brandon shares his best advice on here that he puts into action himself in his daily life.

Founded by Steve Kambs – Nerd Fitness has been an authoritative fitness blog for several years now, and Steve has begun to write about working out and building muscle whilst you’re travelling the world, which is particularly interesting to myself. I’m hoping to jump on a Skype call with him later in the year.

Founded by Jennifer Walters & Erin Whitehead – Fit Bottomed Girls is a great fitness website specifically targeted at females, and has a couple of sister sites as well that you shouldn’t definitely take a look at!

Founded by Todd Kuslikis – A Shot of Adrenaline is one of my favorite calisthenics blogs as ……. has tonnes of different bodyweight exercises on the site and uses a video to physically show each one being performed. If you’re into bodyweight workouts, you need to head on over to his site now!

Founded by James Follacchio – Simply Shredded has become incredibly popular within the last few years; the highlight of the website being that it features tonnes of interviews with other great bodybuilders.

Founded by Tony Gentilcore – I actually only came across his blog recently, but I love the articles he’s writing! Tony is a strength coach who’s been featured in big publications on Bodybuilding.com, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness and so on…

Founded by Mindith Rahmat – Breaking Muscle is an incredible resource for all fitness enthusiasts, and has a lot of different articles on workout training and fitness knowledge to keep you satisfied.

Founded by Henry Croft – Gym Talk had to be one of my favorite fitness blogs out of the whole list. Why? Because they add humor into the equation, and try not to take things too seriously. That being said, they feature some great advice and a lot of different supplement reviews for you to check out.

Founded by Adam Bornstein – Adam is hugely recognized is the fitness world as being one of the leading experts in the field. Just one quick look at his blog, and you’ll be drenched in testimonials and places where he’s been featured. The testimonial from Arnold Schwarzenegger is enough to convince any this is a blog worth following.

Founded by Faya Nilsson – Faya is a personal trainer who not only writes about fitness but also on nutrition, health, fashion and travel. If you can relate to Faya’s passions and lifestyle then you’ll definitely want to check out her blog for inspiration and advice. P.S. the name ‘Fitness on Toast’ came from when she moved to the UK and realized just how much we eat on toast.

Founded by Greg Everett – Catalyst Athletics was founded back in 2006 and focuses solely on olympic weightlifting. A great blog for any weightlifting fanatics.

Founded by Pat Flynn – Chronicles of Strength has some good workout advice and Pat also offers coaching for anyone looking to transform their exercise program.

Founded by Lee Sutherland – Fitness in the City not only has great articles towards exercising, but also covers some very interesting topics within health and lifestyle in general. So be sure to check it out for a solid dose of advise for healthy living.

Founded by Hayden-William Courtland – Science for Fitness is perfect for those wanting to know more about the science behind exercising, and heavily covers topics like ‘CrossFit’, as well as product recommendations for other fitness enthusiasts.

Founded by Neghar Fonooni – Eat, Lift & Be Happy has been featured in various publications such as Men’s Health & Shape Magazine. Neghar offers a 12 week body transformation system; “Lean & Lovely” which you can find out more about on her blog.

Founded by Nia Shanks – Life Like A Girl cuts through all the B.S information out there, and has received several different awards for being one of the best fitness blogs. Nia has also been featured in major publications including BodyBuilding.com, which I mentioned at the top of this article.

Founded by John Romaniello – At Roman Fitness Systems, they do two things: Make people hot and get people huge. Choose wisely. What more do I need to say? Start following this fitness blog.

Founded by Dennis Ratano – I love Baristi Workout because it incorporates so many different calisthenics workouts and interviews with people such as Frank Medrano, a legendary bodyweight master. For any bar fans, Baristi Workout is a must follow.

Founded by Michelle Corso & Lori Morris – Purely Twins is a perfect blog for other females as the twins take you through their journeys in healing their acne, recovering from eczema, pregnancy and other great aspects of life that females might struggle with, revolving around health and fitness. Their friendly approach is excellent.

Founded by Egan Liabetto – Spot Me Bro is another great bodybuilding blog featuring top advice , as well as an excellent list on the top 50 bodybuilding supplements.

Founded by Krista Stryker – 12 Minute Athlete is an app that helps you do HIIT workouts without having to go the the gym, making them quick and easy in comparison. On the blog, Krista features a lot of different workout examples that can be used with the app. Worth taking a look.

Founded by Molly Galbraith – Girls Gone Strong is another fitness blog designed for women, by women. The blog covers a wide range of categories such as pregnancy, stress management, nutrition, mindset, fat loss, strength training, you name it.

Founded by Jessi Kneeland – Jessi is on a mission to save women from their own negative body image. She’s a certified personal trainer, and her blog is definitely worth the read for any females looking to get into fitness.

Founded by Jennilyn Carson – Yoga Dork is, well… all about yoga! Some excellent articles on the site if you’re someone who’s into fitness in general, but specifically wants to learn a little more about yoga in particular.

Founded by Shannon Colavecchio – Bad Ass Fitness is a fitness company that offers a variety of different classes. Their blog has some incredibly inspirational stuff  on it for anyone looking to get into shape.

Founded by Suzanne Digre – Workout Nirvana is another of the top fitness blogs on the web, covering articles on strength training, the prevention of injuries and getting lean.

Founded by Lindsay Livingston – The Lean Green Bean has a lot of good recipes and nutrition advice for a healthy lifestyle. Lindsay also writes a good deal of advice on workouts, particularly Crossfit.

Founded by Terry Asher – Gym Junkies is one of the best fitness blogs on the net, and is very easy to navigate around. It’s split into two sides; fitness articles and lifestyle articles.



This concludes the list of the top 30 best fitness blogs to be following in 2017. Hope you enjoyed the list and have now added some more blogs to the ones you follow. Don’t forget to share it with all your friends.

If you haven’t caught up on the other lists of top blogs to be following, you can check them out below.

31Do you have any fitness blogs that you’d add to the list? Leave a comment below.

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