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Filling seats to mopping floors: the drama of running a theatre on a budget


With the endless double entendres and “it’s behind you” jokes, pantos are expressly designed to offer some old-fashioned festive cheer. For smaller theatres they can also be a much needed money-spinner. At the Bradford Playhouse, Aladdin premiered on 13 December – it’s the theatre owner’s first pantomime. “One of the …

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5 Essential Leadership Traits According to John Monarch


John Monarch is a renowned entrepreneur, adviser and speaker who has published numerous articles on business. He founded one of the fastest growing fulfilment firms in America. After graduating from Clemson University, John ventured into business with a clear set of goals. He wanted to introduce innovative solutions that benefit …

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Humans 2.0: meet the entrepreneur who wants to put a chip in your brain


Bryan Johnson isn’t short of ambition. The founder and CEO of neuroscience company Kernel wants “to expand the bounds of human intelligence”. He is planning to do this with neuroprosthetics; brain augmentations that can improve mental function and treat disorders. Put simply, Kernel hopes to place a chip in your …

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