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Businesses on the couch: the co-founders in couples' therapy


There are plenty of good reasons to set up a business with a co-founder rather than go it alone. A co-founder is another committed financial partner and someone who is likely to bring a vitally different skillset and will be a source of support when the going gets tough. Research …

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8 Success Lessons from Steve Jobs


Want to hear some of Steve Jobs’ success lessons? Steve Jobs was an incredible inspiration in the wonderful world of technology, and without his perseverance and vision for Apple Computers, the technology market may not be what it is today. Jobs was always focused on building a perfect product and …

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10 Success Lessons from Gordon Ramsay


Want to hear some of Gordon Ramsay’s success lessons? Ramsay is known for not taking any sh*t when it comes to his restaurant businesses. If someone’s not performing as well as they should be, then he will speak his mind and get them back on task. There’s a reason why …

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