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How to Unlock the Business Potential of A Blog

As an entrepreneur, you should be very well aware of the necessity to brand yourself and to be able to sell
yourself, your ideas, and your services to others.

You don’t shy away from putting yourself out there and going after what you want, and meanwhile you have adapted a considerable knack for persuading people to listen.

So why not put all of the energy, motivation, and commitment into a tool that can not only help you brand
yourself, but can also help you develop your entrepreneurial business, and can even make you a little profit on the side?

Among the many activities that an entrepreneur should invest in, one of the best tools in an entrepreneur’s toolbox is actually a personal blog!


1) Develop a Voice of Authority and Image

Aside from getting your voice out there, your personal website or blog will be the means through which you
develop and establish your brand and your voice as a person of authority within your industry. Put simply, your blog places you on the map and it also adds to your professional persona.

You should carefully craft this persona beforehand and always keep in mind – even before writing the content of your blog – how you intend to closely align the site itself with the brand or image you are trying to build.

This includes a memorable title for the blog – you can see what names are available with a service like this – and an aesthetic that will convey the image you want to project of your professional life.

Of course as professional and aligned with your desired brand image as your blog or site may be, you still need to be contributing something of value in the way of content. Which brings us to the next point.


2) Sell Something

Essentially, when you first start out, you are selling advice and input. You have done your homework and
are very knowledgeable in the particular area that you are writing about, and so you offer insights that the
industry will deem valuable.

At first this advice is sold for the price of a blog subscription or a follow, as well as likes and shares on social media. Note: your blog should not stand as a lone wolf, you should link it to social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn – to name a few – to expand your social reach and influence.

As you build your brand and become more and more influential in your field (meaning that people know who you are and seek out your advice), this guidance can actually become quite lucrative, as well as help
shape your career.

Your personal website actually continues to work for you outside of whatever job you are in at any given time, helping you to develop into an independent and confident business professional.

Although you begin your career in a specific position, as you grow and educate yourself, along with learning on the job, your professional blog or website is a testament to that fact. This can be a beacon of exceptional self-promotion for further positions or even career shifts.

Being able to direct a potential employer to your blog can be a big coup, or even more so, having a possible employer seek you out instead because of the influential ranking of your blog and its impact in your industry.

There isn’t anything that spells success quite like becoming a highly sought-after commodity.

Part of this, however, is knowing that you have something of worth to share and selling it to the eager
consumers who are already seeking out this information.

Whether this is in the form of eBooks (we highly recommend selling eBooks on your blog and can attest that it is very effective), mentoring partnerships, online courses; whatever it may be, let your blog begin to work for you by turning it into a business all of its own.

The more that people seek your advice, the more valuable that advice becomes and the more that you can gain from offering it.


3) Never Stop Learning and Developing

Developing this brand image and establishing yourself as an authority in your industry is no easy task, and is also a continuous effort.

In order to remain relevant and be able to continue to offer something of worth, you need to keep learning, stay on top of all of the latest industry developments and conversations, and continue to keep evolving and developing yourself.

This goes far beyond taking professional development courses to keep your skills and knowledge up to date, but is a commitment to life-long learning and figuring out ways to improve your industry.

In essence, the trick is to try and spot the gaps, comment on the gaps, and figure out a way to fill those

This shows that you know your field inside and out – in fact better than most because you have the
foresight to spot the weaknesses – and that you are able to think of and contribute ideas to aid in the
continuous improvement your industry.


And as you share these innovative ideas and knowledge to the rest of the world, you perpetuate this commitment to learning by educating others. Provided that you are always learning, then you are always ahead, allowing you to have the ability to educate others and lead as well.

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