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Why It’s Important to Find Good Teachers & Mentors


“Fear not what is not real, never was and never will be. What is real, always was and cannot be destroyed.” – Bhagavad Gita “You will never get a job!” “You will be a failure for the rest of your life!” “I wonder who can love someone like you?” “You …

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7 Keys to Success Most People Know But Ignore


These are the keys that you have read about before, yet have not made changes in your life yet. The interesting thing about success is that there are so many people that have come before us that have shown us the way. They write books and present their findings, but …

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8 Lessons I Learned from the Fittest Man On Earth


One of my great passions is studying the advice of the world’s most successful. Today, I want to cover the domain of fitness and athleticism. Although a new sport, Crossfit has taken over the nation as a groundbreaking training program, gym service, and sport. Tens of thousands tune in every …

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7 Fool-Proof Steps to Achieving Your Goals In 2017


Years ago Scranton University did a survey and found that as high as 92% of people who set their New Year resolutions fail to accomplish them. Only a small 8% of people managed to achieve their resolutions. Why is this so? Everyone wants to be successful and accomplish their goals; …

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17 Small Actionable Habits for Success & Prosperity


How you treat your body has a direct impact on your success and prosperity; Dedication, ambition and drive are all important, but in order to have success, first, you must be what you want to become. You cannot build success with bad habits and an unhealthy mind.   If you …

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How to Connect With Influential & Successful People


Successful people are role models; However, it hasn’t always been that easy to connect and build a strong relationship with them. Nowadays we have so much technology on hand, such as apps like Facebook and Shapr, that help us connect with influential people a lot more easily. Back when I …

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5 Ways Successful People Treat Books Differently


What is the one thing that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet both wish they were able to do? It’s not the ability to fly anywhere in the world on a private jet at their merest whim. It’s not the potential to own any car, home or gadget under the sun. …

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7 Habits All Successful Supermoms Possess


Being a supermom is pretty simple; A supermom is someone who makes everything look easy. They get work done like a breeze, cook and clean, manage kids and hubby with complete ease, and still have time to volunteer at the homeless shelter, arrange dinner gatherings and last but not least, …

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What I Learnt From No One Showing At My First Workshop


I have been working with a coach to create my creative transformation business and one of the first projects was my Wildly Intimate Woman workshop. I easily found a yoga studio to host the workshop and worked with a designer to create the perfect flyer. I loved how everything was …

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