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14 Very Real Confessions from An Introvert Leader


In today’s world of massive integration and imperative connections, it’s actually pretty hard out there for an introvert. The overwhelming range of noisy distractions can rock our world to the extreme. It’s hard enough to be a cool introvert let alone a leader who’s highly inwardly engaged. Our brains don’t …

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How to Quiet Your Mind For Greater Success


You may not realize how much your mind works in the background of every task you do. If you’ve ever really listened to your inner dialogue, you were probably a little shocked by what it had to say. When you can understand the reasoning behind why that roommate taking up …

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Why You Should Change Your Mindset About Success


Why You Should Change Your Mindset About Success | Wealthy Gorilla Home Success Why You Should Change Your Mindset About Success Every individual wants to be successful in one thing or the other; We put in so much effort to achieve our desired goals in life. Most often, however, we …

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15 Success Lessons From A World Class Diamond Dealer


Have you ever wonder what it’s like to carry 6 million dollars worth of diamonds in your handbag without a bodyguard or any kind of protection? What about hopping on and off commercial flights with bling snuggled between your clothes? Or putting on 5 carat flawless diamond studs in your …

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How to Grow Your Social Media Audience With Zero B.S


The majority of people who are eager to attain large followings online are looking for “secrets” and “tricks” to going viral. They Google “top ten tips to hack Instagram” or “Keys to YouTube Stardom.” Hell, you may have typed a similar phrase and landed on this article. If what you’re …

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18 Secret Ingredients that Time Efficient People Use


Time that special thing we all want more of; That thing that doesn’t discriminate and equally resets every 24 hours for everyone. Have you ever wonder why some people always seem to get more done? Did you ever ask yourself what they are doing differently?   It’s called mastering time …

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Why Taking Time Off is Important for Success


Taking time off can feel a little self-indulgent; It’s understandable to feel guilty that while you’re off at the beach or watching a film at home, your co-workers are still at their desks ensuring that the company is running. Some people give into those feelings of guilt and opt not …

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10 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Online Haters


Today we live in a world where it’s almost imperative to have a social media presence; These platforms are where we shamelessly over share information about our lives. Many of us are authentically providing information to help serve others. While some are fearlessly posting degrading and harmful content. You’ve probably …

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Why Your Actions Outside Work Determine Your Success


Your hustle doesn’t stop when you punch out of work; Whether you like your job or not, you need to continue your hustle after hours if you are committed to making an impact. You haven’t eaten anything since breakfast (you ate breakfast, right?), you’ve been putting out fires all day, …

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