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The Top 5 Psychopathic Traits of Effective Leaders


Psychopathic? The word can send shudders down your spine, yet alone inspire you to become a visionary and effective leader. But it’s true… There are psychopaths out there who function normally in society, and they’re likely to be high-powered individuals. Dr. Robert D Hare, a criminal psychologist, believes that 3% …

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5 Things You Need to Give Up to Be Successful


There comes a certain point in every person’s life when the need to be successful becomes immensely important. In those times, we often focus on the skills and the good habits we should add to our lives. We all do that, don’t we? But, the truth is that the key …

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Why Hardworking People Won’t Always Be Successful


You’ve probably heard it before; put in the hard work and you’ll eventually become successful… They lied to you… It takes a lot more than hard work in order to become successful in life. Yet most people assume that the harder they’re working, the better off they’ll be. Forgetting about …

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7 Legendary Success Lessons From Usain Bolt


Usain Bolt does it again; He’s taken another Olympic gold medal away from the 100M Sprint in Rio this year. Once again, proving that he is unbeatable. Although he wasn’t able to beat his world record this year, he still took the gold, and after what looked like a shaky …

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6 Reasons Why You’re Feeling Stuck In Life


Do you feel like your life has no purpose? Are you hungry for meaning? Do you feel dissatisfied with who you are and the life you’re living? As uncomfortable and frustrating as this is, this is actually a great place to be. It’s when we get sick and tired of …

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5 Keys to Overwhelming Success In Life


Have you ever wondered what it take to achieve overwhelming success in life? Like everyone, you have a unique definition of success, based on your personality. However you envision an ideal life, it requires a certain measure of effort. Although a standard formula for success doesn’t exist, there are common …

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7 Game Changing Insights From Grant Cardone


Grant Cardone is an American motivational speaker, best selling author, and social media personality. Cardone is know most for hosting his show ‘Power Players’, where he interviews successful entrepreneurs and individuals. You can also find some excellent interviews on the show, and there’s definitely a lot of lessons to be …

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5 Tips to Sound Persuasive Without Preparing


“Yes, man is mortal, but that would be only half the trouble. The worst of it is that he’s sometimes unexpectedly mortal — there’s the trick!” – Mikhail Bulgakov How many times have you analyzed your speech after giving it and found a plenty of more felicitous words, persuasive expressions, and effective …

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How to Change Your Thinking For Huge Success


When it comes down to being successful; The majority of people are held back by one simple, yet complicated reason. People are held back from achieving success, because of the way they think. Not just about life, but about themselves as well. When you’re in a negative state of mind, …

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7 Success Lessons From Muhammad Ali


He said, ‘I am the greatest’, and people heard and took him seriously. You bet, had it not been Muhammad Ali saying that, people would have already left and never heard him again! This is exactly where Muhammad Ali differed from other known and not so known athletes of the …

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