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How to Take Advantage of the Growth of Online Shopping


The rise of online shopping has led to some business experts predicting the end of retail properties, claiming shopping malls will close down and small businesses will be run into the ground. This situation seems a little drastic, but it is certainly true that online shopping is becoming increasingly popular. With big …

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10 Success Tips for the Young Entrepreneur


Becoming an entrepreneur is especially attractive to millennials. They are looking for new and different ways to work and are not finding them in traditional organizations. They don’t want a 9-5 workday – they want to assume tasks and projects and determine when and how they will attack them. While …

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Would Brexit make it harder to hire EU workers?


In the second article in our series on how the EU referendum could affect small businesses, our expert panel tackles a question on hiring workers from EU countries in the event of Brexit. If you have a question about the potential impact on your firm, you can submit it here. …

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6 Reasons Why Athletes Make For Great Entrepreneurs


What’s the first thought you think of when you hear the word athlete? Maybe you think of: yourself or someone you know a particular sport (football, soccer, hockey) physically fit people in general (muscles, strength, flexibility) If you put me (or any other athlete) in a social setting of complete …

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6 Simple Tips to Help You Improve As An Entrepreneur


People have different ways of looking at entrepreneurship, and quite rightly so. This is what makes entrepreneurship so wonderful. Every single person comes with a lot of things that make it even better. That’s why there’s no single parameter to define success in entrepreneurship. Most seasoned entrepreneurs agree that success …

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