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5 Keys Ways to Help Conquer Networking Events


Entrepreneurs and networking events go together like CNN and airports. To truly succeed in business, you have to build your network, and the easiest way to do so is to really master the art of the meet-and-greet. Networking events are intimidating for many people – you can be extremely outgoing …

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How would Brexit affect finance for SMEs?


In this new series, an expert panel is answering questions sent in by readers about how the EU referendum could affect their business. This week our panellists take on a question from Peter Shawyer, commercial director at an electronic manufacturing SME Texcel Technology: One issue that has previously constrained our …

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5 Tips In Taking Your Startup to the Next Level


The transition from your startup to a successful business is an extremely exciting phase. One that entrepreneurs welcome with open arms. As your customer base grows and your bottom line goes from strength to strength, it’s easy to feel like the hard work of those early days is behind you. However, a …

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What it takes to be a migrant entrepreneur


I am a migrant from Brazil. I moved to the UK at the beginning of 2002, aged 21, to learn English – I knew a little, but wanted to become fluent. A couple of years later I started my first business, a letting agency. I didn’t become an entrepreneur because …

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Startups that aim to put you to sleep


A quarter of the UK’s population have a dangerously inadequate amount of sleep, according to research from the University of Leeds. Regularly clocking in five hours or less each night is associated with serious health conditions including diabetes and obesity. Fewer than seven hours has been shown to greatly limit …

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9 Green Business Opportunities for Eco-Entrepreneurs


There have been many speculations in recent years about the future of our planet, our environment and all living things that surround us. There are still ongoing problems and issues about climate changes, gas emissions, energy consumption and other alarming subjects. In response to these urgent problems today, there has …

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