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7 TED Talks Every Entrepreneur Must Watch


As entrepreneurs, we certainly feel the urge to grow and push the limits of our self development. And what better sources of inspiration to find than TED Talks? There are a tons of awesome TED Talks and if you head to their site, you face a serious danger to just …

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How art restarted the heart of Swansea’s high street


Swansea High Street is a jumble of deserted, crumbling buildings, fast food restaurants and charity shops. It is routinely branded one of the worst high streets in Britain; a toxic combination of rising rents, shiny new shopping centres and online retailers has sucked economic activity from the area. From Penzance …

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Entrepreneurs are crazy, but they change the world


If most of the UK’s startups are being led by people described in the Guardian’s article from an anonymous startup employee, I think that’s something to be celebrated, rather than criticised. As Steve Jobs famously said: “Here’s to the crazy ones … they push the human race forward.” Our experience …

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The 5 Best Productivity Hacks For Entrepreneurs


Ever feel like you’re being overrun? You’ve built a business, but the workload’s just been piling up, and you can never seem to complete the tasks you set out to within any given day. Productivity hacks are a life-saver. In fact, if you’re not doing what I’m about to mention …

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Is Manchester about to become a global digital leader?


From the industrial revolution, to the birth of the computer and the rise of acid house, Manchester has a history of creativity and innovation that is recognised worldwide. But does the city have what it takes to become a global digital leader? Sir Howard Bernstein thinks so. The Manchester council …

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