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4 Questions to Ask Yourself to Find Your Passion


Once you find your passion, you won’t have to work 100 hours a week to become successful. You will be working as normal but since you will be focusing on a topic you love, it won’t really feel like work. You do not need special skills to do this. But …

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50 Real Life Lessons From an 80 Year Old Man


I was browsing through Facebook the other day, and one of my friends had posted a status on these life lessons as described by an 80 year old man. It really moved me, so I’ve decided to re-post the 50 real life lessons on here, and write a little detail …

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8 Simple Tips for Increasing Your Luck in Life


Luck is described by definition as “the things that happen to a person because of chance; the accidental way things happen without being planned.” So speaking in the strictest technical terms, there’s really nothing you can do to change your luck. But that doesn’t stop most of us from trying! …

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5 Money Saving Rules Which Need Re-Thinking


It is said that we learn and heritage how to manage and save money from our parents. However, today a lot of things are changing, and attitude towards money is changing as well. Therefore, some of the classic money-saving tips can be very true, and some of them might be pretty outdated …

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The 4 Key Characteristics of Mental Toughness


What separates average people from extraordinary individuals? It’s mental toughness. Life will always throw challenges and obstacles along your way. That’s just how life is. Some people call it unfair while other people see it as an opportunity to test their mental toughness and stretch out of their comfort zones. …

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Why Free Time Is An Illusion That Kills Dreams


“Replace regrets with dreams. Whenever you start thinking about what you should have done, shift your focus to what you plan to do now. It’s far more empowering and a lot less draining.” – Lori Deschene I used to think that I wanted more free time, but I discovered that …

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How We Went From $0 to $400k In Sales In 24 Months


It’s the Summer of 2013. I’m working away at trying to build an online magazine, working tirelessly to acquire more unique visitors to the site. Our audience was growing significantly month-over-month but we weren’t making any money. My co-founder was working a full-time job and I was bartending on weekends …

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