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10 Steps to Becoming an Influential Person


First, why would you want you to be an influential person? There are many reasons. Influential people can create change in communities and in industries. They are sought out for their expertise and their reputations as leaders. Finally, and most importantly, influential people can parlay their ability to influence into …

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8 Key Steps On Your Journey to Becoming Spiritual


Are you on a journey to becoming spiritual? We can draw spiritual inspiration from various things around us. You just need to be someone who is sensitive to a variety of situations that surround you. Everyday life is the greatest source of inspiration for everyone. Most people do not care about the …

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10 Ways Reading Enhances Personal Development


As a tween, I loved the Nancy Drew Mystery Series. I wanted to be like Nancy Drew. She had such a good head on her shoulders, even though she was constantly facing danger and never quite “hooking” Ned, the handsome guy whom the wealthy beautiful Helen was always throwing herself …

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How to Unlock the Business Potential of A Blog


As an entrepreneur, you should be very well aware of the necessity to brand yourself and to be able to sellyourself, your ideas, and your services to others. You don’t shy away from putting yourself out there and going after what you want, and meanwhile you have adapted a considerable knack …

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What Accounting Software Should Entrepreneurs Use?


It can always seem to be a daunting task: the task of accounting for your small business. If you’re able to put in some work inputting information, researching, and more then you can save yourself a lot of money versus paying for an accountant. Hiring an accountant is always a good …

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4 Questions to Ask Yourself to Find Your Passion


Once you find your passion, you won’t have to work 100 hours a week to become successful. You will be working as normal but since you will be focusing on a topic you love, it won’t really feel like work. You do not need special skills to do this. But …

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50 Real Life Lessons From an 80 Year Old Man


I was browsing through Facebook the other day, and one of my friends had posted a status on these life lessons as described by an 80 year old man. It really moved me, so I’ve decided to re-post the 50 real life lessons on here, and write a little detail …

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8 Simple Tips for Increasing Your Luck in Life


Luck is described by definition as “the things that happen to a person because of chance; the accidental way things happen without being planned.” So speaking in the strictest technical terms, there’s really nothing you can do to change your luck. But that doesn’t stop most of us from trying! …

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