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5 Essential Leadership Traits According to John Monarch


John Monarch is a renowned entrepreneur, adviser and speaker who has published numerous articles on business. He founded one of the fastest growing fulfilment firms in America. After graduating from Clemson University, John ventured into business with a clear set of goals. He wanted to introduce innovative solutions that benefit …

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5 Lessons for Real Estate Success from LendPlus


Home buyers frequently struggle to find a lender who has their needs in mind; Causing them to miss out on purchasing their dream home. LendPlus is a leading non-bank lender dedicated to ensuring that every client secures the funding they need to purchase a home whenever it becomes available. The …

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6 Steps to Achieving A Better Work-Life Balance


Work-life balance is important in every industry – so why do so many of us in the corporate world take our own well-being for granted? Let’s start with a simple question: How do you start your day? If you’re like most of us, you might grab a muffin and coffee …

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7 Tips for Becoming A Successful Student Entrepreneur


Gone are the days when a job in a big company was the highest aspiration. Millennials are an entrepreneur generation. Students are starting to realize that their college degree doesn’t guarantee employment. Young people mostly want to start their businesses. The common barriers to this venture are high educational debt …

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