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Holiday Gift Guide : 100 Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs


Finding the perfect gift is never easy. That’s why I’ve compiled a Holiday Gift Guide for entrepreneurs with ideas for all sorts of things… Like electronics, fitness equipment, games, outdoor gear, watches, and so on. Many of the items I own, and if not they were chosen carefully making sure the …

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The Top 15 Motivational Instagram Accounts to Follow


There are a ridiculous number of motivational Instagram accounts these days; With it being so easy to get out your phone, and scroll through your feed, looking for motivation on Insta is a common activity. The question is: out of all these different accounts, which should you be following and …

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4 Life Lessons I’ve Learned From Gisele Bündchen


Since my early childhood, I’ve been taught how to live right by my mom, dad, sis, two aunts, and always overreacting grannies. I got used to their hour-lasting lectures and having a rebelling character developed my own stance to each issue discussed in my family. Even now, I listen attentively …

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7 Ways to Pursue Your Passion Without Quitting Your Job


Several people all over the world quit their current jobs in pursuit of their passion. Some of them succeed while others end up failing terribly. The truth of the matter is that those who succeed start pursuing their passion as they continue with their job. Very few people manage to …

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Turn a cashflow crisis into an opportunity


Underemployed actor Chuck McCarthy started people walking earlier this year, when he needed to bring in some extra cash to pay the bills. The idea to charge $7 (£5.60) a mile to walk with people, inspired by the dog walking and personal training posters in his Los Angeles neighbourhood, started …

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From freakshakes to Hawaiian poké, how to catch a foodie fad


With 2017 fast approaching, it’s time to get your tastebuds – and business – on trend. From poké (pronounced poh-kay, which literally means chopped), a raw, marinated fish dish that’s a culinary staple in Hawaii, to freakshakes (a milkshake topped with brownies, marshmallows and cookie dough), the annual Waitrose Food …

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