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How to Look the Part of An Entrepreneur


Appearances matter; It’s a hard and (sometimes) unfortunate fact. You might be the most hard-working and considerate person in the world, but unless someone knows you outright, these qualities won’t be presented on first glance. What people will see and note is your posture, the way you carry yourself and …

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8 Lessons I Learned from the Fittest Man On Earth


One of my great passions is studying the advice of the world’s most successful. Today, I want to cover the domain of fitness and athleticism. Although a new sport, Crossfit has taken over the nation as a groundbreaking training program, gym service, and sport. Tens of thousands tune in every …

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7 Fool-Proof Steps to Achieving Your Goals In 2017


Years ago Scranton University did a survey and found that as high as 92% of people who set their New Year resolutions fail to accomplish them. Only a small 8% of people managed to achieve their resolutions. Why is this so? Everyone wants to be successful and accomplish their goals; …

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How to Find Willpower When You’re Running On Empty


Have you ever tried to notice and track acts of will that you perform throughout your day? That time when you decide to reject the offer of cigarette that comes from your friend. Maybe that morning you finally took yourself for a work-out routine. Where do such acts come from? …

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17 Small Actionable Habits for Success & Prosperity


How you treat your body has a direct impact on your success and prosperity; Dedication, ambition and drive are all important, but in order to have success, first, you must be what you want to become. You cannot build success with bad habits and an unhealthy mind.   If you …

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7 Skills Entrepreneurs Need That Don’t Come Naturally


In today’s digital world, anyone can become an entrepreneur with enough time and dedication. Starting a business and a website for it has never been easier, but finding long-term success still requires specific skills that don’t come naturally. For those who are about to launch a new product, blog, or …

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7 Interesting Ways to Create Positivity At Work


This is a no brainer; The key to the success of any company is productive and happy employees. A positive work environment boosts the spirit of the workforce and helps the company to get the most out of every individual. When employees feel accepted and are encouraged, they are inspired …

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