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9 Signs You’re the Next Person to Be Fired

“I mean there is no arguing. There is no anything. There is no beating around the bush. You are fired is a very strong term.” – Donald Trump

I just can’t imagine waking up lively one Monday morning, after the gym, taking my bath, dressed in my blazers and getting to my workplace only to realize that I’ve being fired; you said what?

I’m sure you don’t want to imagine this scene either. But the truth is, it really does happen. Countless numbers of employees get fired completely unaware.


Even without the words coming out of their mouth, bosses gives their employees certain signs when the company is tired of the work being produced by them. The earlier you give meaning to these signs the better it’ll be for you.

You might either have to adjust your behavior to suit the boss, or hunt for another job and leave the company honorably.

Below are 9 signs to look out for that show you are the next to be fired:


1. Your boss avoids you.

Your boss begins to avoid you; s/he cuts any discussion that has to do with you. He might have been smiling and talking freely to others in your absence, but his face changes just when you arrive. Then you have to watch out for the exit paper.


2. Delay or reduction in your salary.

Delay or reduction in your salary might happen as a result of three factors;

  • Your company ran into loss and is in debt
  • You are being disciplined for a misbehavior
  • Your company is tired of your service and doesn’t want to spend their capital on you anymore.

Whatever the case may be, it’s never a good thing. If your company is in debt, the first thought would be how to shed their workers. And since you are among the people that got their salary cut-off you would definitely fall into the shedding list.

Also if you are being punished for a misconduct, the management could begin to file it as an excuse for your exit.

And if your company is tired of you, they don’t need your service anymore and doesn’t want to waste their resources on you; it’s simple; you would be fired!


3. Your company was sold out or merged.

One of the most painful things members of staff wouldn’t want to hear is that the company is being sold. But the truth is that they hardly have control over this.

Once your company has been sold out or is now merged with another, the board will definitely be shuffled. The new management would definitely have new plans for the company and there is likely to be a replacement. So begin the job search right away!


4. You aren’t being carried along anymore.

Supposing you are among the company’s updated persons; that gets early information about the company’s acts and even serves other members of staff with the rightful information.

But all of a sudden you started lacking in this regard. You now know nothing about the company, sometimes you are even excluded in the worker’s seminar/schedules. Then you don’t need to be told that there is already a secretary typing your sack letter.


5. Your immediate boss just got fired or left the company for good.

If a senior member of staff, who’s close to you or your immediate boss is no longer in the company with you, you’ve got to be really careful and stay aware.

It’s even more defined if the person who just left or just got fired was the gateway to your appointment with the company.

Meetings which don’t commence without your presence will seem more pleasant when it’s held behind for you. Assignments which pass in front of you before being executed, would begin to go south. Contracts become impossible for you. And so on.

It’s time to begin the job hunt.

As a matter of act, your present immediate boss might have someone who he thinks fits in for your position and as a result he’ll begin to take up steps to get rid of you.


6. You are far from delegation.

Some workers see not being given a great task to handle as being cared for by their boss. While the boss sees it as excusing an irresponsible worker off his or her responsibilities.

So as time goes on, the workers with great responsibilities and achievements would be promoted, while the workers with less responsibilities are in the firing line.


7. You’ve been excused from your office more than once.

This is one of the most common signs.

Your company is expecting a business partner or a guest, and the guest must be offered an office for the couple of weeks he is to spend with your company, and you are the only one the management is pleased to excuse for his office.

It might not seem bad the first time, but when it happens over and over again, you should watch out; the next offer might be a sack!


8. Everything you do displeases your boss.

Everything you do, anyhow you do it, and anywhere you do it in the company your boss always lodges complain then you need to watch out. That’s when you begin to hear things like:

  • I only asked you to send the proposal to me via email; I didn’t tell you to include a subject.
  • Resumption time is 8:00 and you are getting to work 7:30 what brought you so early?

Once you begin to see these sign or hear things like this, the interpretation is simple you’ve become a pain in the neck of the company and you’ll be fired soon!


9. You are being given awkward assignments with no support or likelihoods of success.

This sign is also one of the most common and it is commonly displayed by wicked bosses.

“Giving you an awkward assignment without a support or likelihood of success is like sending you to the war front with no arm or aid.”

When bosses are tired of an employee, one of their tactics of filing the employee’s exit is by presenting the employee as incapable and the quickest way to do that is by assigning the employee an impossible task and withdrawing all support.

Once you begin to see this sign; watch out for the tap.


In conclusion

Go over and over again then undergo an audit. If you are facing some challenges at your workplace and 2 or more of the signs written above looks like what you are presently facing; hey; it’s time to begin the job hunt!

Could you be the next person to be fired? Leave a comment below.

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