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5 Ingredients to Cook up a Brand Craze Online

Recipes are so comforting in their dependability.

So long as you follow the directions exactly and use the ingredients listed, you should be able to create the same dish you see in the photo or on the video. With a little skill and some experimentation, you could even make it better.

Unfortunately, with online marketing, there is no real recipe that you can depend on to get results. You may know what the ingredients are, but you have to experiment to find out what the exact “measurements” and combinations are to get the right final product.


When it comes to brand marketing, we know a few staples that are always needed to create the recognition and excitement that you want.

Here are five ingredients that you will need to cook up a brand craze online:


1. Free Stuff

Imagine what would happen if you threw a wad of dollar bills into the air in the middle of a downtown city street.

Cars would come to a screeching halt, people would shove each other out of the way to run toward the fluttering bills, and there would be general chaos as everyone in the vicinity tried to clamor for position.

You don’t need to be throwing around dollar bills to get the same kind of reaction.

You can create a craze around your brand by giving away just about anything. Simple gifts like a $25 gift certificate to a popular online retailer or branded gifts like mugs and shifts with your name on them can get people excited about your giveaway.

When you host a giveaway, just make sure that you give people plenty of opportunities to promote it in order to get the most exposure for your brand.

Ask people to share it on all their social media channels, their blog and more in order to get more chances to win. Most people will take advantage of every one of these opportunities to win just about any prize.


2. Competition

People don’t always have to win a prize in order to want to get involved in contest. They just need to be given a reason to compete, and recognition can be enough.

Lego shows how successful encouraging competition can be for your brand with its fan-submitted ideas contest. Fans are asked to submit ideas for a Lego set that they would like to see made, and then they must promote their idea in order to get votes.

The idea with the most votes for that contest will have a shot at being made into a real Lego set available for sale. Several popular sets have been made this way.

Encouraging competition likes this turns your customers into brand ambassadors, and they will continue to promote your brand on and offline long into the future. You can’t buy advertising like that.


3. Invested Customers

There are other ways to turn your customers into brand ambassadors besides hosting competitions. A popular way that many brands do this is to ask customers to share pictures of themselves wearing or using their product.

New social media channels have opened up new possibilities, as well. For example, Starbucks recently created a special filter for Snapchat, which it made available for free to users.

People were then sharing snaps of themselves with the filter, showcasing a new coffee drink. Starbucks got plenty of exposure and reach with that one simple tool.

Think creatively about how you can encourage your customers to become brand ambassadors. You’ll get ongoing exposure and plenty of customer loyalty as a result.


4. Current Events

If you want everyone to be talking about your brand, start talking about what they are talking about. Connecting your brand to current events can help you become part of the popular conversation.

Just look at what’s happening with Pokemon Go right now. People all over the world are playing the game and talking about it online and on social media.

Businesses are cashing in by luring Pokemon to their locations, offering customers who are playing the game a discount, and more. Some are even promoting one Pokemon Go team over another, which helps them connect to members of that team.

Think about how you can create a promotion that is tied to current events. You’ll get people talking about your brand, and you’ll reach far more customers.


5. Style

So much of online marketing success can be traced back to style. It’s an intangible quality that can be hard to define. It’s the “cool” factor, the “it” factor. People see the style expressed in your campaign, and they take notice.

Look at brands like Lego, Oreo or Nike to see how they produce stylish campaigns that get attention and get people talking. The campaigns don’t even have to be interactive.

They can just include visually compelling graphics or funny videos that go viral because everyone loves them and wants to share them.

Make sure you bring a sense of style to any online marketing campaign you create, whether you are writing a simple tweet or are producing a new video.



A quick recap on the five ingredients to help you cook up a brand craze online:

  1. Free stuff
  2. Competition
  3. Invested customers
  4. Current events
  5. Style

It may take a bit of tinkering before you figure out the exact recipe to create your own brand craze online, but so long as you have these five ingredients in the mix, you are on the right track. Experiment with different strategies and be creative!

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