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Lazar Angelov Workout Routine & Diet


Lazar Angelov is a Bulgarian professional bodybuilder, who went from pro basketball into the army, and after the army, bodybuilding. Angelov has had his up and downs in training, but one thing remained, and that was his love for training and keeping fit. He’s achieved world recognition for having one of …

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Here come the girls: teenage tech founders on the future they want


Trisha Prabhu, an 18-year-old entrepreneur and computing student at Harvard University, shot to recognition at a young age. A research project she started when she was 13 for science class led to the development of ReThink, an app designed to stop cyberbullying by detecting offensive messages and encouraging users to …

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Super-rich sabbatical: the boom in luxury long breaks for the 1%

The super-rich are going on sabbatical. It turns out having bucket-loads of money can be stressful, leading some of the world’s richest people to take sabbaticals or even gap years to escape the pressure of managing their businesses or personal fortunes. Tom Barber, founder of boutique London travel agency Original …

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